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VisionMenu Releases Paperless Deal Jacket

FT. WAYNE, Ind.- VisionMenu releases Paperless Deal Jacket – the first paperless and digital form eSigning and storage system that works with any DMS.

Using Paperless Deal Jacket, any form may be signed while the customer is at the dealership OR remotely using the customer’s smartphone. This is facilitated using VisionMenu’s “patent pending” technology vSignature. vSignature allows the user to simply point and click at the desired customer sign/initial location on the form, and the signature or initial is placed on the form by simply “tapping to sign” after the customer adopts their signature. This is all performed while the customer is connected to a secure location, and then the forms are then stored both within paperless deal jacket and a Dropbox account owned by the dealer. The forms are encrypted and only accessible with sensitive password protections.

“Paperless Deal Jacket is another way that we have leveraged the vSignature Technology”, says Ron Martin, president of VisionMenu. “Now with VisionMenu, the Dealer may build their own Sales presentation of Sales Tools, Videos, and Brochures, and then present or eSign any document and store them in a secure location, keeping the entire process paperless.”

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VisionMenu releases Remote F&I

FT WAYNE, Ind.- VisionMenu release Remote F&I- a remote Menu, Disclosure and Document signing web application that uses the vSignature technology, Patent-Pending, to control what a customer views on their smart phone and allows eSigning of any document.

The remote tool gives the finance person 100% control over what is displayed on the customer smart phone or tablet device no matter where the customer is located, such as the finance office or in the privacy of their own home.

“Remote F&I gives the F&I Manager a tool to sell more products to the online buyer, or any buyer that can’t make it into the dealership.” says Ron Martin, president of VisionMenu. “It also gives them a tool to e-Sign documents so the customer doesn’t have to come back to the dealership to resign forms. It can even serve as a tool to close a deal with the buyer at the dealership and the co-buyer at a remote location.”

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VisionMenu Adds Four More Product Providers to Its vRate Platform

FT WAYNE, Ind. – VisionMenu has integrated Perma Plate, VAS (Vehicle Admin Services), ArmorAll, and TWS (Total Warranty Services) to vRate for its electronic menu. vRate is a feature of VisionMenu which allows the user to rate multiple providers and multiple products simultaneously. vRate is a “direct to the provider” electronic rating tool that will populate all of the rates that are returned by any of the providers that VisionMenu has a direct integration. Once the rates are simultaneously returned, the F&I Manager then can simply point and click their desired option for each product and package. vRate doesn’t cost providers, agents, or dealers any additional fee than what they were already paying for their menu.

“Adding these four companies brings our number of, direct to provider, integrations to 60 companies,” says Ron Martin, president of VisionMenu. “Dealers are many times using multiple providers with their F&I product mix, so it’s a tremendous benefit to them to bring back the entire rate book of what their customer and vehicle qualify for. vRate is so efficient in getting all the rates, that it makes it much easier to eContract.”

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US Equity Advantage Announces Integration with VisionMenu’s Selling Platform

ORLANDO, Fla. – US Equity Advantage® (USEA) announced today that it is now integrated into VisionMenu, Inc.’s software selling platform for automotive dealers. “With the addition of VisionMenu, USEA now services more types of menu software systems than anyone in the industry,” said CEO Robert Steenbergh.

USEA is a leading provider of biweekly payment programs for the auto industry with more than 100 combined years of F&I experience. “Our data analysis shows that dealerships sell approximately 57 percent more F&I products on biweekly deals as opposed to standard retail deals,” said Steenbergh. The new integration will allow dealers using VisionMenu to reap similar benefits supported by USEA’s high-touch service including unlimited in-store training and hands-on in-house dealer support designed to increase F&I sales performance and customer satisfaction.

USEA is in more than 4,000 dealerships and fully compliant in all 50 states. “We look forward to adding the dealers using VisionMenu to our nationwide family and getting them up and running within 24 hours of signing an agreement with us,” Steenbergh added.

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VisionMenu Releases vContract™ to Compliment Advances with vRate™

FORT WAYNE, Ind. – VisionMenu has made it even easier to eContract with the latest enhancement vContract™ VisionMenu released vRate™, an unprecedented feature of VisionMenu, in March to allow the user to rate multiple providers and multiple products simultaneously. vContract™ takes the user the final step by allowing them “print all” capability.

“If a dealer sells 5 products for 5 different providers they can vRate in less than 30 seconds with a single request, easily post to the provider’s portal once they have sold the products and then “print all” with vContract™,” says Ron Martin, president of VisionMenu. vRate™ does not cost providers, agents, or dealers any additional fee than what they were already paying for their menu”

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Wise F&I Integrates With VisionMenu

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Wise F&I LLC announces electronic integration with VisionMenu, Inc. Wise F&I is a leading F&I product provider to automotive dealers and the integration with VisionMenu supports streamlined eContracting during the menu-driven selling process. The integration will provide dealers access to Wise F&I products (GAPWise, WiseCARE, THEFTWise, WiseTVP and KEYWise) on a comprehensive, user-friendly electronic rating and contracting menu. Through VisionMenu, speed and accuracy are provided making eContracting easier and more efficient.

“Integration with VisionMenu is another step in our efforts to provide technology-driven solutions for our partners,” said Matt Croak, President, Wise F&I. “Adding this integration to our ONWise platform is elevating our online capabilities to better support our partners and the industry.”

Wise F&I is celebrating 25 years in the industry. With a long history in the automotive ancillary product industry, Wise F&I continues to build strong relationships and develop successful partnerships.

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