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Spireon Unveils Kahu at NADA 2017

IRVINE, Calif. — Spireon Inc., the leader in aftermarket telematics solutions for risk management and business optimization, will introduce its latest connected car solution – Kahu™ – at the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Convention & Expo in New Orleans. Kahu is designed for dealers, providing streamlined lot management while delivering a new finance and insurance (F&I) profit center by offering consumers a modern location tracking and stolen vehicle recovery service. Additionally, Kahu empowers dealers to grow service retention with car buyers by providing accurate vehicle data for proactive maintenance reminders that can improve vehicle health and keep vehicles within warranty.

“New car dealer margins have been flat for several years, driving a need to create new revenue and profit opportunities,” said Kevin Weiss, CEO at Spireon. “Connected cars are changing the industry, but dealers are receiving little value from this shift. Kahu changes that dynamic, giving dealers the tools they need before, during and after the sale to grow profits and benefit from the connected car revolution.”

Kahu includes an aftermarket GPS device and mobile apps for both dealers and their customers. The solution provides these features and benefits to dealers:

· Lot Management — Dealers can easily manage inventory, track specific vehicle location, and see low battery indicators using a mobile phone or tablet, streamlining operations and creating a better buying experience for consumers. Virtual geofences and after-hours alerts allow dealers to identify and recover stolen vehicles within minutes.

· F&I Profit Center — Kahu offers dealers a high value add-on for consumers who seek peace of mind with a next generation vehicle recovery service and an arsenal of easy-to-use mobile features. From 24/7 vehicle location visibility, so consumers can track their vehicle and family at all times, to smart alerts for speeding and low battery, Kahu is an attractive add-on that safeguards consumers while driving dealer profit.
· Customer Loyalty — Kahu uses GPS-based mileage tracking to improve the accuracy of service reminders and increase service retention. Consumers benefit by being able to maximize warranty protection and ensure recommended service intervals are maintained.

“Our partnership with Spireon has paid for itself tenfold,” stated Spireon customer Jon Hansen, General Sales Manager, Burien Nissan. “Being able to offer a product that I find value in to our customers and making it a revenue generator for the dealership is really big for us. I would absolutely recommend Spireon to other dealerships.”

Spireon’s aftermarket GPS devices are installed on more than 3.5 million vehicles and offered by 14,000 dealerships across North America. With Kahu, car dealers and consumers now have access to state-of-the-art mobile location services, which protect their vehicle assets and can lead to reduced insurance premiums.

Kahu is already installed with a select group of early adopter customers, and will be generally available in the second quarter of 2017.

To learn more about Kahu at NADA please visit Spireon’s booth, #4309 in Hall E, or schedule a meeting at http://www.spireon.com/nada2017/.

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Spireon Offers Dealers New F&I Profit Channel

IRVINE, Calif. — Spireon Inc. announced that its GPS-based vehicle telematics solution Spireon SkyLink will now give dealers the ability to offer connected car services to their customers, opening the door to a new F&I profit center.

To begin offering the services, car dealers partner with Spireon for a one-time install of the GPS tracking device to use for their inventory management, according to the company. Once the car is purchased dealers can add on the Skylink mobile app service for the car buyer, connecting them to the already-installed GPS tracking device.

“With over 14,000 car dealerships currently connecting their inventory with Spireon products, we are a trusted partner in the dealer community,” said Bill Stephenson, senior vice president at Spireon. “Our satisfied customers can attest to SkyLink’s win- win of being able to not only save time and resources dedicated to inventory and lot management, but also add a new F&I profit center to their business by offering the connected car features that car buyers really want.”

Car owners that use SkyLink can quickly locate their vehicle using the SkyLink mobile app, the company states. While the car owner locates his or her vehicle, Spireon SkyLink will work directly with law enforcement to recover the vehicle. SkyLink also offers optional theft guarantee coverage: If a vehicle isn’t recovered in 30 days of theft, Spireon will provide up to $5,000 in trade-in benefits, according to the company.

According to SNS Research, connected car services — telematics, infotainment, remote diagnostics, usage based insurance, semi-autonomous driving — will account for $14 billion in annual revenue by the end of 2016. According to Spireon, car dealers have still not fully tapped into this market.

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Spireon’s Kahu Provides New Revenue Stream for Dealers

IRVINE, Calif. — Spireon Inc., an aftermarket telematics company with more than 2.5 million connected vehicles on the road, announced the release of Kahu, a new service sold exclusively through used-car dealers that allows customers to link their vehicles to their smartphones.

The Kahu service includes a device that connects with the car’s location and trip data once installed. It then relays all of that information to a user’s smartphone app. The Kahu app then displays real-time vehicle information, providing users with access to theft recovery services, driving alerts and more.

“Kahu is the first aftermarket connected vehicle service available exclusively from car dealers,” said Shawn Hansen, Spireon’s CMO. “The thousands of car dealers that use GoldStar GPS for collateral and lot management can easily add Kahu to increase profits, as well as help any car buyer connect their car to the Internet.”

While most connected car services offered today rely on the user connecting a device into a car’s onboard diagnostics port (OBD-II), which can be easily removed by a thief and sometimes voids car manufacturer warranties, the Kahu device is professionally installed by the car dealer, streamlining the setup process so consumers can simply download the app and connect their smartphone to their car.

They service can also be used by dealers to track and manage inventory. They simply partner with Spireon on a one-time install of the GPS tracking device. Dealers can then sell the Kahu mobile app service as an add-on feature, which company officials said would more than cover the installation of the GPS tracking device.

For consumers, the mobile app offers the following services:

  • 24/7 Vehicle Location: The Kahu service is always on, providing quick access to vehicle location through the mobile app.
  • Theft Recovery: Kahu will immediately locate a customer’s vehicle if its stolen. It can also alert local law enforcement authorities. According to company officials, the average recovery time of a stolen vehicle is 26 minutes.
  • Smart Alerts: Kahu offers a geofencing feature that allows users to enter their vehicle’s location, create a geographic boundary around the vehicle and then receive alerts if the car crosses that boundary. Alerts can also be set for specific speed limits or vehicle issues such as low battery.
  • Insurance Discounts: Users can save up to 25% on insurance premiums that offer discounts for cars equipped with theft-recovery devices, according to officials.

For more information, visit www.spireon.com.

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Spireon Releases GPS Tracking Buyer’s Guide for BHPH Dealers

KNOXVILLE — Spireon has developed the industry’s first GPS vehicle tracking buyer’s guide for dealers who are new to the buy-here, pay-here (BHPH) segment and who are interested in expanding their loan portfolios, protecting their valuable assets and mitigating their risks.

The buyer’s guide provides an introduction to GPS technology and its advantages for dealerships implementing BHPH processes. It explains how to maximize the return on GPS vehicle tracking investments and the opportunities available in the subprime auto loan market.

The guide includes an overview of GPS technology; benefits of GPS growing dealership business; best practices on choosing the right GPS solution and provider; key features to look for in a GPS solution; and a GPS provider scorecard and checklist to help in the decision-making process.

“After reviewing the new GPS Tracking Buyer’s Guide, we were able to understand the ins and outs of how GPS devices help the BHPH market, and it helped us really make sure we were choosing the right partner for our business in this space,” says David Pinkerton, owner of Kingston Pike Motors. “This is a must-read for all newcomers to the BHPH market or for those who aren’t using GPS devices yet.”

David Meyer, executive vice president of Spireon, added: “We are committed to educating dealers on new ways to improve their profits and operations. This is why we developed the industry’s first GPS Tracking Buyer’s Guide, to help dealers understand the benefits and best practices of using these devices and also educate them on the importance of selecting the right provider for them.”

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Tell us about Spireon and the products that are offered.

Headquartered in Knoxville, TN, Spireon emerged in 2011 as the industry-leading Mobile Resource Management (MRM) company as a result of the merger of ProconGPS, Inc. with Enfotrace and PFS, LLC., the top three providers in the MRM space. Spireon connects companies to their mobile assets and workforce through game-changing information platforms, giving them the power to manage actionable business intelligence. With over one million active devices in the field today, Spireon provides solutions for automotive dealers and lenders with its trusted brands including GoldStar GPS®, EnfoTrace GPS™ and LoanPlus CMS™ and an exclusive array of products and services that offer trailer and asset intelligence and customized information platforms for enterprise and local fleet management. Inspiring companies to reach new heights with powerful Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based tools, Spireon provides a sturdy foundation on which to optimize performance.

How do Spireon’s products work and how do they differ from other theft recovery products?

GPS vehicle tracking has been instrumental in tracking vehicles and protecting investments. Theft recovery is one many features companies benefit from when they integrate a system like this.

Our products combine GPS and cellular technologies to transmit location and other vehicle data to secure servers, allowing customers to monitor and recover assets in real-time. We have several customer testimonials that have credited a quick recovery of their assets because our product was installed in their vehicles. In all of these instances, they were able to log in to their office computers and provide a physical address to the police. Many of these vehicles were recovered in hours. Before GPS and cellular technology, these vehicles would have been recovered several days or weeks later…if they were recovered at all.

Because we have over one million active devices in the marketplace, we’re able to scale and pass cost-savings directly to our customers. From hardware and data delivery to power management and pricing, our unique solutions contribute positively to a customer’s bottom line.

Spireon’s leading automotive GPS Vehicle tracking solutions are highly reliable and backed by patented technology. As technology evolves, it is important that our customers are not left behind. We make that possible through our continuous improvement program by defining areas of advancement in data networks, electronics, power management and sensor capability. We also want our customers to have a system that integrates with their other applications, not one that requires them to adapt to it.

Who are your target markets and the message you want to express to them?

Currently our market positions are in the Subprime Automotive Finance industry, Local & Enterprise Fleet Management and Trailer & Asset Intelligence markets. Spireon specializes in developing strong business relationships with leading companies worldwide, enabling it to offer affordable world-class asset recovery, risk mitigation, mobile asset management and location-based services to our customers. Our patented array of GPS products and information platforms provide business intelligence solutions through industry brands for automotive dealers, lenders, service and delivery fleets, and transportation and logistics companies.

Spireon is a well-established industry leader that has a proven track record in innovation, customer-focused service, financial stability, powerful vertical distribution networks, and a strong customer base.

What channels do you use to sell your products?

Our products are sold through our dedicated sales teams and independent and private label distributors.

Looking back over the past five years, how has the theft recovery industry changed and how do you see it changing in the future?

Previously, asset recovery required a great deal of internal and external resources, plus a great deal of time. Over the years, Business Intelligence has been strategically applied across many functions in organizations to drive out cost and improve performance. However, companies lacked the technology to manage people and assets that are mobile because of the time and cost it took to gather and evaluate information about the assets. Spireon changed the game!

Spireon provides its business partners innovative and effective tools – made up of technologies, networks, and processes – that allow them to collect meaningful information in real time, tracking the performance of their mobile assets and workforce. For instance, our messaging services technology will notify the assigned individuals in a business organization when a mobile resource exceeds a parameter, like a boundary, in real time. This technology will make it much easier to recover assets, and much harder for criminal activity.

What technology or services do you believe will drive your future success?

Spireon has maintained its position as the MRM leader due to its commitment to technology and innovation, and will continue to do so. Our real-time business intelligence leads to better business decision-making. Our products and service transform raw data into meaningful and useful information.

Spireon’s “Actionable” Business Intelligence technology helps companies monitor and protect their assets and workforce, enabling them to make timely, informed decisions that will ultimately optimize resources, reduce costs, and improve their effectiveness.

Implementation of our products have resulted in improved theft recovery, asset protection, and risk mitigation. In addition, many business organizations have increased efficiency and productivity without having to add additional staff.

Other offerings include installation services, and leasing programs for local and enterprise fleets as well as trailers and unpowered assets.

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