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PassTime Announces New Tamper Detection Feature

Littleton, Colo. – PassTime, creator of GPS tracking and automated collection technology products, added an SOS feature to its Elite and PassTime GPS product platforms as part of the device’s tamper detection system.

The SOS feature is a tamper detection system which will send notification and location information in the event that the device is removed from a vehicle; it does it without the need for a battery.

One issue that has always concerned the industry is device tampering. Backup batteries emerged as a solution, but have been found to be unreliable and often unable to withstanding temperature and environmental factors over the life of the device. “It is an amazing new feature we are proud to offer our customers,” said Chris Macheca, executive vice president of operations. “Tamper notification without the use of a battery has never been done in the industry and we are excited to add it to our comprehensive tamper detection system.”

The SOS notification informs customers when a device has been removed from a vehicle or power removed from the vehicle’s battery. Other tamper detection notifications include Starter Tamper which can help identify if the starter wire or starter interrupt functionality of the device has been bypassed or removed. Additionally, Time Tamper features indicate if the timing is out of sync between the device and the GPS satellite, indicating possible device or battery tampering.

New Elite and PassTime GPS devices are currently shipping with the SOS feature included for no additional charge.

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PassTime Announces Webinar Focusing on Credit Union Programs

Littleton, Colo. – PassTime, a vendor of GPS tracking and automated collection technology (ACT) products, announced that its next webinar session will focus on how credit unions grow loan portfolios.

Approximately two in three credit union executives see loan growth as the critical business issue facing their industry in 2013, according to a new survey from TransUnion. Auto loans may be the main focus of that growth. TransUnion administered the survey to 104 credit union executives at the CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference in Washington, D.C., in late February. Further, the survey found that more than half of credit union respondents believe auto loans are their biggest opportunity.

PassTime provides GPS and ACT products designed to improve customer payment performance and reduce repossession risks. Through technology, including payment reminders and GPS tracking features, lenders can help mitigate their risk.

“The cornerstone of managing auto lending risk—both prime and subprime—is protecting collateral. PassTime devices have helped credit unions grow their loan portfolios, and reduced delinquencies and charge-offs. The device also makes it easier to find and repossess vehicles if necessary,” said Jake Frank, co-founder and executive vice president, PassTime.

PassTime’s credit-union-focused Webinar will be held April 30, 2013 at 11am EDT. Participants can expect to learn:
• What is Automated Collections Technology and who is using it?
• First Time Buyer Programs – New members and new loans
• Fresh Start Loans – Helping members and creating opportunities
• Using GPS Technology for Loan Modifications

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PassTime Launches New Web site

LITTLETON, CO – PassTime, an providers of GPS tracking and Automated Collection Technology products, launched the recently completed redesign of its marketing Web site.

The new Web site offers a contemporary look and streamlined user experience. It is intended to better align PassTime’s branding and image to match the company’s mission of providing reliable GPS tracking and Automated Collection Technology, as well as 24/7 live customer support.

The site, found at www.passtimeusa.com, features enhanced media features to provide visitors fresh and updated content, while showcasing the company’s products, services and support. It also includes information for consumers who may have a device installed in their vehicle, including videos and frequently asked questions about how the PassTime program works in conjunction with their loan.

“The redesign of the Web site allows us to keep our customers and site visitors informed about what is going on with the company and the industry as a whole. The new look captures PassTime’s innovative products and services and highlights what really sets us apart from others as a company,” said Jerry Morgan, VP of product develop for PassTime.

Furthermore, the new site allows users to share products and pages that interest them with others across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Tell us about PassTime and the products that are offered

Headquartered in Littleton, Colorado, PassTime was founded in 1992; the PassTime Suite of Products is designed to improve customer payment performance and reduce default and repossession risks. In 1997, PassTime created its first Automated Collections Technology product. Over the next several years, a Suite of Products evolved that offer GPS tracking, Anti-Theft, wireless, and Automated Collection Technology products and services designed to meet the needs of a highly diverse industry of car dealers and special finance companies. PassTime solutions facilitate higher rates of return on financing based upon improved customer payment performance. PassTime prides itself on a 24/7 Customer Care Support Center for partners, lenders, dealerships, and end-user customers. Over the past decade, PassTime has sustained industry leadership with its innovative products and services.

For Collections: PassTime Plus – Automated Collection Technology

  • Schedule vehicle disable
  • Flexibly number of warning and emergency days
  • Anti-Theft Functionality

For Repossessions and Theft Recovery: PassTime GPS & PassTime TRAX – GPS Tracking

  • Nationwide coverage
  • Detailed mapping
  • Automated locates
  • Remote vehicle disable

For Collections and Repossessions: PassTime Elite – Automated Collection Technology with GPS

  • On demand vehicle location
  • Nationwide coverage and detailed mapping
  • Remote vehicle disable
  • Low power & Tow Detection notification
  • Patented Geo-fence technology

How does the PassTime product offering differ from other providers?

PassTime offers the most reliable solutions on the market. From the company to the devices to the 24/7 support, customers can count on PassTime for reliability. PassTime’s GPS tracking products which can be used for improving a lender’s repossession and reconditioning efforts can also be used as anti-theft and theft recovery tools. Combining GPS with PassTime’s unique automated collection technology gives customers a reliable and comprehensive solution they know will work when they need it.

Who are your target markets, how do you deliver your products to them and what message would you like to give them?

PassTime’s target markets include car dealers who finance their own loans (Buy Here, Pay Here), as well as finance companies who focus on below prime lending. PassTime also sells anti-theft or theft recovery solutions to dealers for resale to customers. PassTime has advanced software systems that allow customers to transfer ownership of PassTime accounts between dealers and finance companies as the ownership of the portfolio changes. PassTime owns and operates its own fulfillment center for distribution nationwide.

The message PassTime conveys is that we have the most compressive, reliable and flexible suite of products on the market. Whatever the customer’s business model is and whatever goals they wish to achieve, PassTime can provide a reliable solution to fit their needs.

Looking back over the past five years, how has the industry changed and how do you see it changing in the future?

Primary changes over the past five years have been the improvements in GPS technology as well as the overall cost compression of that technology. The technology that was once quite expensive is now widely used in various applicable at an affordable price. Being able to provide this powerful technology at an affordable price has opened up the market and allowed PassTime to gain exposure in the mainstream.

The future of the industry will be impacted in various ways. Enhancements in technology will allow providers to offer additional services and capabilities not available today. As devices gain popularity and are more widely adopted across the vehicle finance industry, additional focus will be placed on the industry from a regulator perspective.

What technology or services do you believe will drive PassTime’s future success?

The future success of technology is going to be staying abreast to the continued evolution of GPS technology. PassTime has an innovative team that evaluates the current and future use of rising applications for GPS technology and how it best fits for their customers. Their team also evaluates new vehicles in the market to ensure that the devices will operate in new technology advanced vehicles years from now.

Services that will drive success- reliability, customer service and innovative products.

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