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SkyLINK Stolen Vehicle Recovery Device Qualifies for Additional Advance by National Auto Financier

Phoenix -Inilex, a provider of intelligent telemetry solutions for vehicles, announced that a major national auto financier approved the SkyLINK stolen vehicle recovery solution as an F&I product for which it will provide a loan advance. This means that customers can include the cost of SkyLINK into their overall new car financing, making the solution more attractive to customers as well as to dealers during the F&I process.

“By integrating the cost of SkyLINK into their overall loan, more customers can access the benefits of vehicle recovery and monitoring,” said Michael Maledon, CEO. “In addition, dealers have an attractive and high-value anti-theft solution to offer as part of their F&I service lines.”

SkyLINK uses GPS technology to give car buyers real-time theft recovery that also helps law enforcement identify and arrest thieves.

“Having SkyLINK incorporated into the customer’s financing allows us to offer higher value solutions during the F&I process at minimal impact to the customer,” said Dora Hermann, finance director, Camelback Volkswagen, Subaru and Mazda in Arizona. “It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement for us and for customers who will gain an excellent theft-recovery solution.”

Inilex also delivers InilexGPS and InilexGPS Fleet, which are customizable platforms for large enterprise accounts to manage vehicle fleets, mitigate risk and track inventories in real time, enabling companies to connect to their mobile assets and workforces.

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Chase Auto Finance Selects SkyLINK for Integrated Financing

Phoenix — Inilex, a provider of intelligent telemetry solutions for vehicles, announced that Chase Auto Finance, a division of JP Morgan Chase, approved its SkyLINK stolen vehicle recovery solution as an F&I product for which it will provide an additional advance. This means that customers purchasing vehicles can include the cost of SkyLINK into their overall financing package, making the solution more attractive to customers as well as to dealers during the F&I process.

“More and more dealers are beginning to recognize SkyLINK as the premier stolen vehicle recovery solution on the market today,” said Michael Maledon, Inilex’s CEO. “This additional product advance from Chase makes SkyLINK more accessible to more customers.”

SkyLINK uses GPS technology to give car buyers real-time theft recovery that also helps law enforcement identify and arrest thieves.

“Having SkyLINK incorporated into the customer’s buying package allows us to offer higher value solutions during the F&I process at minimal impact to the customer,” said Dora Hermann, finance director at Camelback Volkswagen, Subaru and Mazda in Arizona. “It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement for us and for customers who will gain an excellent theft-recovery solution.”

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SkyLINK to Partner with National Automotive Experts to offer $5,000 Guarantee on Recovery Device

Phoenix – Inilex, a provider of aftermarket telemetry solutions for vehicles, announced that its SkyLINK stolen vehicle recovery device will now be guaranteed with a $5,000 theft guarantee. Inilex has partnered with National Automotive Experts (NAE) to bring this to the market. This agreement underscores SkyLINK’s growing popularity among dealers and consumers alike, especially as car theft rates have risen in recent years, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

Under the agreement, Inilex will train and support agents on the variety of SkyLINK offerings, and NAE will administer the SkyLINK $5,000 theft guarantee. This is a valuable solution to new and used car dealerships nationwide, giving them an indispensable F&I product.

SkyLINK has become the industry leader in stolen vehicle recovery, and a staple F&I product in hundreds of dealerships throughout the country. SkyLINK has a 99% recovery rate, with the vast majority of all SkyLINK recoveries occurring within minutes of the theft being reported. Other major anti-theft providers, which boast of their recovery successes, can include vehicles that are eventually found abandoned and stripped; thereby “recovered,” but not necessarily as a result of the theft recovery device, nor of any value to the vehicle’s owner.

In addition, SkyLINK has a nationwide team of professional sales representatives that are not just “order takers”; they will provide continuous training and support to ensure that agents and dealers have everything needed to be successful in selling SkyLINK.

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Inilex and AutoStar Integrate to Deliver Advanced Asset Protection to Auto Dealers

Phoenix – Inilex, a provider of telemetry solutions for vehicles, formed a product partnership with AutoStar Solutions, which provides management software to auto dealers and finance companies. As a result, buy-here pay-here (BHPH) dealerships will have access to the most advanced technology available to locate and secure their assets.

The InilexGPS system contains a comprehensive set of tools to reduce the costs associated with delinquent customer payments and repossessions. It uses vehicle telematics to locate vehicles in real time across all corners of the country, and includes features such as in-car payment reminders to assist with timely loan collections. This technology will be integrated into AutoStar’s dealer management solution, giving dealers the most powerful asset management service available today.

“A key value proposition that Inilex delivers to its customers is efficiency and reliability,” said Michael Maledon, CEO, Inilex. “Through this seamless integration, AutoStar dealers and lenders can now automate and simplify the process of securely tracking their assets.”

DriveTime, the nation’s largest dealership network for buyers with credit issues, and an existing AutoStar customer, deployed InilexGPS more than two years ago to protect its investments and help mitigate its risk. “Reliable asset protection is a necessary part of our business, and InilexGPS allows us to do that with great efficiency and confidence,” said John Gersitz, VP of Inventory, DriveTime. “Using InilexGPS has helped to substantially drive down the costs associated with delinquency and repossession.”

Via the InilexGPS Web interface, dealers can track vehicles 24/7 through their computer or mobile device. Additionally, they can access historical trip information, implement starter interruption functions, set geofences, establish speed alerts, monitor for tampering and send delinquent payment reminders – all supported through customizable reporting options.

“I have been very impressed with Inilex’s state of the art technology, and am thrilled that we have integrated our products. As such, our mutual clients will have best of breed technologies to guard their assets,” said, Antonio R. Rajan, Chief Revenue Officer, AutoStar.

Auto dealers can also use InilexGPS as an inventory management tool to track test-driven and employee loaner cars, ensuring the cars are accounted for, test drivers are abiding by safety rules and that battery levels are adequate.

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SkyLINK Service Provides Early Detection of Stolen Vehicle

PHOENIX – Inilex, a provider of aftermarket telemetry solutions for vehicles, introduced the SkyLINK Early Theft Detection (ETD) service. ETD works by instantly alerting car owners via their mobile device when their parked car has moved without their knowledge, enabling them to immediately notify police and begin the recovery process.

Nearly a half million vehicles are stolen each year and not recovered, with many ending up in chop shops for parts, shipped overseas, or used in the commission of other crimes. Fast reporting is essential for owners to get their vehicles back quickly and in one piece. With SkyLINK ETD, motorists can use their smartphones to set an invisible ‘fence’ called a QuickFence around their vehicle. If their car moves outside of the QuickFence, they are automatically alerted through a text or e-mail, and can take quick action to lessen the impact of the theft.

“With criminals getting more sophisticated, anti-theft systems are usually not enough to deter them from stealing a vehicle, and most aren’t just after luxury cars,” said Michael Maledon, CEO of Inilex. “SkyLINK ETD provides the next level of defense by dramatically increasing the odds for quick vehicle recovery. Even better, activating the service is as simple as clicking on a link from a mobile device.”

SkyLINK ETD works in conjunction with SkyLINK, a dealer-installed device that uses a combination of GPS, satellite and wireless technologies to locate and recover stolen vehicles in real time, across the country. As soon as a vehicle is reported stolen, SkyLINK operators can track it and provide its exact location to police.

In addition, SkyLINK ETD can be a useful tool for a variety of other purposes. For instances, parents of teenagers can have real-time knowledge if their teen driver moves the car from a given location. Businesses with small fleets, such as florists or pizza delivery trucks, can monitor their vehicles overnight or during extended stops.

SkyLINK ETD is now available through auto dealerships across the country as an enhanced option at the time of SkyLINK purchase.

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Tell us about Inilex and the products that are offered.

Inilex® is a leading provider of aftermarket telemetry solutions for vehicles, powersports and watercraft. Its flagship product is SkyLINK, which offers guaranteed theft-protection by using an advanced combination of GPS, wireless and satellite technologies to track stolen vehicles in real time. SkyLINK far exceeds the reach and functionality of outmoded services based on radio frequency (RF). In conjunction with its industry-leading technology, SkyLINK also has unprecedented relationships with law enforcement agencies, which enables car thieves to be apprehended within minutes, and the vehicle recovered before it is damaged. Inilex also offers SkyLINK PROTECT, a value-added service that allows users to track and monitor their vehicles in real-time from their computers. Owners can use SkyLINK PROTECT to track the car’s speed, location and battery levels, as well as to set alert-based thresholds for all three. This is particularly valuable to concerned family members of teen or elderly drivers, as well as small businesses needing to track their fleets. In addition, SkyLINK PROTECT has a free mobile application, so users can take advantage of the services right on their smartphone, tablet or cellular devices.

Inilex recently introduced SkyLINK Powersport, a version of SkyLINK designed to track motorcycles, ATVs, boats and other sporting vehicles, ensuring that owners have peace of mind even when their vehicle is stored elsewhere.

SkyLINK services are sold through dealerships nationwide. In addition to offering excellent theft recovery for consumers, SkyLINK offers dealers several advantages. Many dealers rely on SkyLINK PROTECT for inventory management and even to secure more favorable financing from banks. Also, Buy Here-Pay Here dealers, Inilex offers a platform of products to help ensure asset management.

Inilex has been offering industry-leading theft recovery solutions since 2003, and today is one of the most successful vehicle monitoring and theft-recovery companies in the country.

How does Inilex’s product work and how does it differ from other theft recovery products?

SkyLINK uses GPS technology to track and monitor vehicles in real-time. When purchased, the discreet SkyLINK device is installed in a hidden location in the car, preventing would-be thieves from tampering with it. If the vehicle is stolen and the owner files a police report of the crime, SkyLINK’s team of trained experts are available 24/7 to track the vehicle anywhere – whether it’s moving, parked or even hundreds of miles away. Within seconds, SkyLINK will track the vehicle and notify the local authorities of the vehicle’s whereabouts. Because SkyLINK is able to track a stolen car while it’s moving and within seconds of it being stolen, the police respond to SkyLINK and the victim with “Level 1: Crime in Progress” action, meaning police act quickly to find and recover the car and apprehend the suspect.

Both SkyLINK’s technology and its methodology are superior to other theft-recovery devices. GPS technology far exceeds outdated RF-based technology, which is what devices have historically used. Radio waves, which send out a beacon call when a car is stolen, are ineffective today because the vast majority of police cruisers no longer have the necessary receivers to track the beacon. Most have phased it out in favor of GPS systems. RF devices are also limited in their coverage areas, preventing vehicle recovery if the car has been taken a great distance. SkyLINK’s access and relationships with local law enforcement also give it another advantage. When a car was stolen in the past, police were notified after the fact and may not even have started to pursue the case until a day or two later. By then, the car would be gone and recovery would be unlikely. But, with SkyLINK, cars can be tracked within seconds of being stolen and they are considered a “crime in progress,” prompting police to act quickly. Because it is the best technology available and because of their access and relationships with local law enforcement, Inilex guarantees SkyLINK owners’ cars will be recovered.

Who are your target markets and the message you want to express to them?

SkyLINK is targeted toward two specific markets: consumers and dealers. For consumers, the message is that SkyLINK is the industry’s best theft recovery device and guarantees your vehicle will be recovered. It is an affordable product that provides incredible peace-of-mind and reduced insurance costs, while also offering additional benefits such as the ability to track and monitor teen drivers, elderly drivers, or even small fleet of cars. What’s more, SkyLINK stays with the vehicle for its lifetime, so it offers resale value. Consumers should ask for SkyLINK when they purchase a new or used car.

For dealers, SkyLINK represents several advantages. First, SkyLINK is a truly useful and valuable F&I product, unlike many on the market today. Customers respond favorably to the product and it presents financial upsides for dealers. In addition, dealers themselves can take advantage of SkyLINK for everything from inventory and asset management, to ensuring cars have enough battery life for test drives. Buy Here-Pay Here, used and new cars dealerships nationwide are beginning to stand-up and take note of all the advantages SkyLINK offers to their top line and bottom line.

What channels do you use to sell your products?

SkyLINK is available for purchase and installation through new and used auto dealerships nationwide. Motorcycle and other powersport dealerships offer SkyLINK Powersport devices. Customers with SkyLINK can purchase add-on features including SkyLINK PROTECT via the Web at www.mysky-link.com.

Looking back over the past five years, how has the theft recovery industry changed and how do you see it changing in the future?

Theft recovery devices and vehicle monitoring have become more common – and more effective – over the past few years. One reason is that GPS technology has greatly improved and companies with the ability to leverage it, like Inilex, are finding that the market is greatly accepting of it. In addition, the economic landscape has made more consumers realize the favorable return-on-investment (ROI) of SkyLINK. The cost of a stolen car can run into the thousands of dollars when one considers replacement costs, deductibles, lost personal items, time off of work, rental car costs and even higher insurance premiums. Consumers are looking for smart ways to protect their money and assets, and SkyLINK is one of them.

Lastly, dealerships are being more selective in the F&I products they chose to offer customers. More and more dealerships are realizing that customers are better educated about aftermarket products and are demanding true value from them. This is moving dealerships toward high-value, proven products like SkyLINK.

These trends will continue into the future:

  • Consumers demanding more value and proven ROI, leading dealerships to offer the best after-market products.
  • Consumers wanting more information and control over their cars, including real-time vehicle monitoring so they can locate their car, its speed and its recent stops in real-time.
  • Dealers looking for more intelligent vehicle management solutions that help drive efficiency and lower costs within the dealership.

What technology or services do you believe will drive your future success?

Telematics technology is leaning toward more vehicle monitoring, including diagnostic monitoring. This benefits consumers because they would have more knowledge if the car were about to need service/repair, and it helps dealerships because they could proactively notify customers about a potential service issue. In addition, consumers are becoming more accustomed to real-time monitoring of their cars. And they want the information on their smart phone or other hand-held devices. SkyLINK is going to continue to lead the market in developing more features, solutions and convenience surrounding vehicle monitoring. These technologies will continue to bolster the company’s success.

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