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IAS Unveils F&I Program for Negative Equity Protection

Austin, Texas – IAS’ Trade Assurance Plus (TAP) will be ready for dealership implementation on November 1, 2012. The company recently concluded a multi-city national tour to train its general agent base on the benefits of the program. Trade Assurance Plus protects consumers against negative equity when they trade in their vehicle. The program offers up to $5,000 of negative equity protection on most vehicles up to $50,000 MSRP. Other restrictions may apply, depending on the contract, including loan term.

“The one constant in the car business is change. This makes Trade Assurance Plus an absolute home run for our agents and dealers since it shortens the trade cycle, reduces or eliminates negative equity at time of trade and encourages the consumer to return to the original selling dealers or dealer group,” said Bob Corbin, president and CEO of IAS. “Plus, the program enables IAS agents to penetrate dealership doors that they otherwise may not have been able to open and provide those dealerships a solid finance product to either add to the menu or give away at time of sale.”

Other benefits of the program include a solid retention program for dealerships. TAP customers receive their negative equity protection only when purchasing another vehicle at the issuing dealer. The consumer enjoys the flexibility of choosing any make and model, new or used, as long as it is from the issuing dealership. An additional key element to the effectiveness of the program is the customized Retention Contact Campaign that allows dealers to target customers with customized communications every six months throughout the lifecycle of the TAP program via email or text. This high level engagement is a built-in component of the Trade Assurance Plus program and available to dealers at no additional charge.

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IAS Unveils New Mobile Menu Extension

Austin, Texas – IAS, a leading provider of F&I aftermarket programs to automobile dealerships, revealed its mobile menu extension to their SmartMenu software. The company is providing hands-on demonstrations of SmartMenu Interactive as well as their other mobile application, SmartPad, and the complete SmartDealerProducts software suite at the F&I Industry Summit which began today in Las Vegas, at The Paris Hotel in booth #401.

The SmartMenu Interactive solution has two separate interfaces – a Web-based system used by the F&I manager to configure the menu, and a tablet-based system which enhances the customer experience. First, the F&I manager builds a customer specific menu and then sends it to the tablet for the customer to review. This allows the buyer to enjoy an interactive tablet experience complete with product brochures, videos and evidence manuals.

“There has been a lot of useful debate around mobile menus and their effectiveness. When we set out to design SmartMenu Interactive, we didn’t just want to put a paper menu on a tablet. What we’ve designed gives F&I managers a more powerful and streamlined way of presenting the menu to the customer,” said Matt Nowicki, vice president of retail software at IAS. “With a paper menu it is difficult or impossible for an F&I manager to focus the customers attention on individual products and their benefits before the customer sees the monthly payments and develops resistance. Now, an F&I manager can control the process from start to finish and focus all of the energy on product before price.”

SmartMenu Interactive works on all major tablet devices including Google Android and Apple iPad devices, and also supports traditional desktop PCs. Dealers utilizing SmartMenu can continue to generate paper based menus but now have the option to generate interactive menus at no additional cost.

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IAS to Sponsor F & Idol at Industry Summit

Austin, Texas – IAS announced that two of its executives will participate on separate panel discussions at the F&I Industry Summit on Sept. 10 – 12, 2012 at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. IAS also plans to provide hands-on demonstrations of the complete SmartDealerProducts software suite including the brand new tablet-based interactive menu during the event in booth #401.

IAS’ sponsorship of the F&I talent contest F & Idol is powered by SmartEye, the company’s transaction-based video and audio recording system. F & Idol recognizes the best F&I product presentations in several popular categories including Vehicle Service Contracts, GAP, Tire & Wheel and Key Replacement at the Industry Summit. IAS executives will be on site to hand over $1,000 cash prizes to each of the finalists along with the overall winner who will receive the F & Idol trophy and an additional $2,500 cash prize.

“The F & Idol contest at the upcoming F&I Industry Summit is an ideal way to demonstrate how versatile and effective our SmartEye software can be for dealerships,” said Bob Corbin, president and CEO of IAS. “Whether dealers are looking to implement a check and balance system for a legality issue or those interested in increasing CSI and profits or those looking for a great training tool, Smart Eye has it all.”

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LoJack and IAS Announce Agreement

CANTON – LoJack Corporation announced that it has reached an agreement with IAS (Innovative Aftermarket Systems), a provider of F&I aftermarket programs to automotive dealerships, in which IAS will sell and promote a variety of LoJack products to authorized dealerships throughout the IAS general agent base. IAS joins a growing list of Third Party F&I Aftermarket Program Providers now working with LoJack.

“Today, dealer demand for more profitable, value-added back-end products is increasing,” said Randy L. Ortiz, LoJack CEO and President. “With that in mind, we are very excited to work with IAS to extend our reach into even more dealerships. IAS’s world-class agent base combining their offerings with our trusted brand-name products will provide dealers with the most robust F&I products available.”

IAS general agents will now market LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery Systems plus Early Warning along with a variety of warranty offerings. In addition, IAS agents will offer two of their own IAS reinsured products in conjunction with a LoJack System.

LoJack will provide training for IAS general agents and their agency representatives on the various LoJack offerings and potential dealership presentations.

“We believe that working with a trusted brand such as LoJack is a win-win for everyone,” said Bob Corbin, IAS CEO and President. “Our agent base, LoJack and dealers can sell proven products that help increase profitability. And even more important, more consumers have the opportunity to protect their vehicles—and their pocketbooks—from vehicle theft.”

As the auto industry continues to recover and consumer demand for new vehicles rises, LoJack’s use of Third Party F&I Aftermarket Program Providers has become an increasing focus for the company. Being able to reach more dealerships through these providers that are offering an attractive product suite is fast proving itself an essential part of LoJack’s sales strategy.

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IAS Announces Software Solution That Offers F&I for the Internet Buyer

AUSTIN – IAS announced that it will release an email based F&I presentation program called SmartOffer, the latest addition to the SmartDealerProducts F&I software suite. SmartOffer helps dealers present and sell product to Internet based customers who are typically excluded from the normal F&I process. Demonstrations of the product will be available this week at Agent Entrepreneur’s Agent Summit at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Based on the SmartPad tablet software, SmartOffer collects and presents information to customers remotely. SmartOffer sequences are customized for every dealership to ensure that dealer needs are met. Dealers can choose to include CSI survey and F&I interview questions as well as multimedia product presentations, sales tools, and even package based menus.

With SmartOffer, interactive F&I presentations are personalized and then emailed to remote buyers prior to vehicle delivery. Customers then view the information before visiting the dealership to take delivery of their vehicle. Dealers may optionally choose to employ a live interactive session between the F&I manager and the customer to review a menu and other sales tools before the customer sets foot in the dealership.

“Few innovations have impacted F&I like the advent of the menu. As we turn a new page in the industry we have a different kind of customer that is technically savvy and armed with knowledge about the vehicle they are buying, but are physically removed from the F&I process and are therefore excluded from the normal product presentation process,” said Matt Nowicki, vice president of retail software for IAS.

“Being able to educate the consumer on the benefits of value-added products and utilize menu selling for this new breed of customer, I believe, is the future of F&I.”

In addition to presenting F&I products to Internet customers, SmartOffer can be used before or after service appointments to sell F&I products to service customers. With many times more customers visiting service than F&I, the service drive represents a large potential for warranty sales.

“With online auto sales continuing to climb, more and more dealerships employ Internet sales reps and online marketers than ever before. Still, dealerships have struggled to find a way to sell aftermarket to the true Internet customer,” said Bob Corbin, president and CEO of IAS.

“SmartOffer delivers a real solution for Internet buyers and does it in a way that is both engaging and familiar. In addition, it reveals a potentially untapped revenue generator for the dealership – a win-win for both the consumer and dealership.”

SmartOffer is currently concluding testing in several dealerships nationwide and is available immediately.

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Please give us a short background to your company and the broad product categories that you support and sell (VSC, GAP, Theft, etc)

IAS aftermarket products include GAP, Theft, Tire and Wheel, Key Replacement, Roadside Assistance, Door Ding Protection, Windshield Repair or Replacement, and Interior and Exterior protection products.

There are many different types of products in the Theft category. Which ones do you support and why?

Window Etching – Theft Avert – Overtly enables quick identification by Law Enforcement as to the owner to prevent the rebirthing of a vehicle simply by changing the VIN plates and door labels.

IAS Anti-Theft Protection IAS Anti-Theft Protection

Vehicle Tracing – Invisible Phantom Footprints – Covertly marks sheet metal to enable verification of ownership of parts using UV markers in multiple locations. Even if the label is removed, the UV mark can be used to identify ownership.

DNA Identification Technology – DataDot Technology overtly and covertly marks 60-80 high value components with microdots. Thus, even the smallest part can be identified. There is no effective way to remove 1000 microdots from the vehicle, making it too hot to handle. Also, the DataTrace in the adhesive is UV sensitive and also resistant to burning. The ceramic micro-particles are basically indestructible.

Which type of Theft products do you not support and why?

GPS Products are not currently supported. We have found that most automotive thefts are parts related. The individual parts of a car are worth more than the vehicle itself in most cases. That’s why it is important to have a suite of products that offers multiple layers of protection. Also, most radio or GPS based products are defeated by removing the power within a garage or parking structure and then removing the device. In addition, triangulation based tracking of cars is impractical as the vehicle is moving, keeping law enforcement one step behind.

Additionally, the one-time cost to enroll in protection is important to many consumers. Many GPS systems require annual renewals which may be expensive.

In which circumstances do you encourage dealers to sell each type of Theft product?

Window etching is the oldest technology and is the lowest cost. Vehicle tracing works well as an upgrade to the etching for windows. DataDot Technology is a next generation product and may be cost prohibitive in some instances (fleet or wholesale operations). Some dealers opt to sell a combination of two which allows for maximum protection for their customers. All of these options are many times less expensive than even the entry level GPS or radio based systems.

How does the future look for Theft products in the F&I Suite and which type of Theft products do you believe will be the most successful?

RFID technology is quickly becoming a reality in parts marking. The RFID markers could be connected to a GPS device. Then if an individual part is taken, the GPS sends a signal to the owner via text or email. Basically, if one part is moved while the remainder of the vehicle is motionless, it activates the signal of potential theft. This technology is 2-5 years away, and may even be incorporated at the OEM level.

Also, OEM’s around the world are participating in the Whole of Vehicle Marking program. These manufacturers find that the theft systems not only prevent theft, but also serve to defend the brand. Counterfeit parts represent a significant safety hazard to unsuspecting consumers buying parts over the internet that may look the same but are made of inferior materials. OEM’s have begun to combat this problem by marking the parts as authentic at the point of manufacturing.

As long as there is vehicle theft, there will be the need for theft products. The most successful dealers preload their inventory with theft prevention products. Also, 18 states require insurance companies provide discounts to their customers if they purchase a theft deterrent system.

The fact is, professional car thieves steal vehicles to chop them up and sell them for parts. Any theft deterrent that aims at devaluing those parts for car thieves will be successful.

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