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VinSolutions Desking Tool Integrates With Autosoft DMS

MISSION, Kan. — The VinConnect Desking tool now integrates with the Autosoft dealer management system, allowing the two systems to share information in real time, VinSolutions announced.

The integration between VinConnect desking and Autosoft FLEX F&I allows the two services to exchange information, eliminating redundancies while increasing efficiency for dealers.

“This integration between two leading software companies reinforces our commitment to providing seamless solutions for our customers,” said Sean Stapleton, vice president of sales and marketing at VinSolutions. “As technology evolves, dealership software solutions will only communicate with each other more.”

Autosoft data is automatically pulled in real time and stored in the VinConnect CRM database when dealers are desking a deal. The push-and-pull flow of data negates the need for double data entry and improves data accuracy.

For more information on the integration between VinConnect Desking and Autosoft FLEX F&I, click here.

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Spiffit Announces Certified Integration With Dealertrack

DENVER — Spiffit, a SaaS provider of automotive retail sales incentive management dashboards, announced this week that Dealertrack Technologies has certified the integration of its application with the software provider’s dealer management system (DMS).

The new incentive interface, approved via Dealertrack’s Opentrack Certification Program, will give Dealertrack’s users the ability to efficiently manage and operate Spiffs directly from their Dealertrack DMS.

“This integration gives Dealertrack DMS users the opportunity to easily implement and manage Spiff programs,” stated Sean Ugrin, CEO and founder of Spiffit. “Forward thinking and innovative Dealertrack dealership customers using Spiffit’s sales performance application dashboards can expect see increased sales and improved management of incentive programs.

Sharon Kitzman, vice president and general manager of DealerTrack DMS, added: “Dealertrack’s DMS Opentrack Certification Program allows dealers to securely integrate their Dealertrack DMS with certified third-party providers and software like Spiffit. In addition to Spiffit, there are more than 70 certified Opentrack partners.”

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Auto/Mates Completes DMS Integration with BMW

ALBANY, N.Y. — Auto/Mate Dealership Systems has completed integration of its dealership management system, Automotive Management Productivity Suite (AMPS), with BMW of North America (BMWNA)’s DMS Data Transfer system.

BMW dealers using Auto/Mate’s DMS can now enjoy seamless bi-directional information exchange with BMWNA.

“Having a fully integrated solution will save BMW dealers both time and money as it speeds up daily processes and eliminates loss of data, redundant data entry and other inefficiencies,” said Mike Esposito, president and CEO of Auto/Mate Dealership Systems.

Auto/Mate has completed integration of the following qualified interfaces with BMWNA’s DMS Data Transfer system: retail delivery reporting (RDR), vehicle inventory download, financial statements and fixed ops such as service appointments and parts inventory.

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Reynolds Integrates Payment Solution Into DMS

DAYTON, Ohio and ATLANTA — The Reynolds and Reynolds Co. and Global Payments Inc. announced an agreement this week to offer point-of-sale, electronic payment solutions for automotive dealerships.

As part of the agreement between the two companies, Reynolds will add Global Payments’ payments technology across Reynolds dealership management system (DMS) platforms and software solutions to deliver secure electronic payment solutions in-store, online and on mobile devices.

“Consumers today expect their experience with the dealership to mirror their experiences with other retailers,” said Ron Lamb, president of Reynolds and Reynolds. “That expectation applies whether the consumer is browsing the dealer’s website or paying for service at the dealership. To meet those expectations, dealers are looking for the tools that support a familiar shopping experience for consumers. Certainly, one of those tools is secure, efficient payment processing with the dealership.”

Lamb noted that adding payment technology will also deliver a number of productivity benefits for dealership personnel, in addition to the consumer benefits.

“This partnership demonstrates the strength of Global Payments’ distribution, combined with a differentiated service offering,” said Eddie Myers, president of Global Payments’ Integrated Solutions division. “Our ability to provide a breadth of integrated payment processing products and services is ideally suited to meet the needs of automotive dealerships, especially when combined with the strength of Reynolds’ other technology offerings. We continue to expand our technology channel across different vertical markets and segments.”

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A Question on DMS Integration – The StoneEagle Group Responds

Our coverage of DMS integration continues with the following questions and answers from StoneEagle’s CEO Brent Allen. Brent shares an informative and candid perspective on this integral segment of the industry.

How do you describe your products to potential customers?

It’s difficult to apply a single description to our products. StoneEagle offers several products and they are quite diverse. Our Enterprise Admin Systems include a Credit Life system and SEcureARCH, our new Service Contract Admin system. SEcureARCH is a C#.Net all service oriented architecture that we believe is the future in administration systems. Our F&I sales and reporting application, SEcureMetrics, is one of the earliest reporting programs. It has been integrated to several DMS’s for over a decade and is used by thousands of dealers in the US and Canada. SEcureSalesTool is our Service Drive Sales system and can be integrated to include appointments and RO pull. It will sell multiple products, handle credit card or financing, has fully integrated e-contracting capabilities and remits sold business back to the product administrator. SEcureTransmit has been available to dealers and agents as long as our reporting tools and includes a user interface for generating a remittance register to allow any sold F&I product to be transmitted back to the administrator electronically. At NADA this year, we will be introducing Service reporting. This product will allow the dealer and servicing agent to monitor and develop very impressive income opportunities in the service department.

Traditionally, one of our most recognized services has been integration. StoneEagle has been providing integration services longer than most DMS providers have offered certified interfaces, and it is an essential part of almost all products.

When asked to describe our products, we find it just as important to describe our customer service. For the last 25 years we have made it our goal to provide the best service in the industry. We believe that the product is only as good as our ability to support it.

How did StoneEagle get into the integration business?

In the 90’s, one of our earliest business partners asked us if we could help them with administration of a product which they had been pulling from the DMS electronically. We eventually acquired their programing staff and technology as a byproduct of that initiative. Shortly thereafter, another client asked if we could produce F&I penetration reports in a timely manner by pulling data directly from the DMS. We found that creating effective F&I reports required much more effort than simply pulling data. Almost all dealers configure some part of their DMS differently. Each dealer requires “hands on” configuration for reliable results. This “hands on” knowledge eventually led to requests for properly configured data sets for many other areas of the industry. Ultimately our understanding of the inner workings of the dealership and their processes became our strongest asset for offering “best in class” service.

Which DMS providers do you work with, and what is your official status with each?

Today we offer some level of integration to the following DMS providers:

DMS Sales Service Inventory
Automotive Computer Services (ACS) Yes * Yes * Yes *
ADAM Systems Yes Yes **
ADP Dealer Services (Drive, Reflections, Elite, WebSuite 2000) 3PA Certified Yes Yes Yes
Advent Yes ($) N/A Yes ($)
Auto/Mate Yes * Yes * Yes *
DealerTrack DMS (Arkona) Open Track Certified Yes * Yes * Yes *
DPC Systems Yes * *** ($) *** ($)
Dubuque Data Services Yes * *** Yes *
InfinitiNet (Grapevine) Yes * *** ***
MPK Automotive Systems Yes * Yes * Yes *
PBS Financial Systems Yes * Developing Developing
Quorum Yes * *** ***
Reynolds & Reynolds (Era, Era Ignite, ODS, On Demand System, Legacy) Certification Pending Yes Yes Yes
UCS (Reynolds and Reynolds Power) Yes * Yes * Yes *
Zeus Yes * *** ***
DMS Single Deal Pull Single Deal Update Single RO Pull
ADAM Systems ** *** **
ADP Dealer Services (Drive, Reflections, Elite, WebSuite 2000) Yes Yes Yes
Advent Yes ($) *** N/A
Auto/Mate Yes *** **
DealerTrack DMS (Arkona) Open Track Certified Yes Yes **
Reynolds & Reynolds (Era, Era Ignite, ODS, On Demand System, Legacy) Certification Pending Yes Yes Yes

* – Dealer or DMS provider must send data to StoneEagle
** – Not currently supported, will require additional time and development charges to integrate
*** – May be possible but will require additional time and development charges
($) – Dealer may/will incur extra charges for setup, field switches or both

Considering the changes taking place in the industry today, this list is subject to change.

How do you push and pull data, and why would your solution be better than others?

Certainly we do consider the exact technology of how we push or pull data proprietary, but we do offer both functionalities to a limited number of DMS systems. Pushing data is a very tricky business. Very few companies will do it, and very few products take advantage of it. Improper pushing to the DMS can cause costly errors to the dealer. After a decade, StoneEagle has had no reported errors in our pushing process. We believe our success and longevity coupled with the innovative solutions we provide make us stand out above most other competitors.

There seems to be building controversy about DMS integration – How do you see the industry today, and where do you think it will be in the next five years?

In a previous question I pointed out that third party integration itself actually out dates the integration certification concept. Today, advancements in technology and security have caused a general movement among all DMS providers to create secure standard interface processes that require some sort of fee for access. From there, DMS providers of all sizes seem to be in one of two camps regarding integration to their systems. One camp sees product and service provider offerings as enhancements to their systems. They certainly don’t want to see an outside company cannibalize a product that they offer, but they also seem to understand that dealers will never see all services the same. These DMS providers can create reasonably priced integration tools that create a revenue stream but also stimulate the growth of technology from smaller more agile “niche product” companies. The second camp is much more guarded. They see any competing technology as a potential threat to their control of the dealer. These providers are typically difficult to deal with and offer cost prohibitive pricing for their integration tools.

The controversy today revolves around DMS providers moving to a “certified only” model where any other outside access is branded as dangerous and aggressively discouraged. Telling a dealer what he can or cannot do with his data is one issue, but forcing him to require certification is a much bigger issue for the dealer than the product providers themselves. Even a small dealer is doing business with as many as five outside product vendors. If all five are forced to certify their products and pay (for an example) $100 in fees, those fees are inevitably passed on to the dealer. At that point, the dealer is faced with not just one fee, but five fees for the same service now costing $500. The model needs to change. The dealer should be able to subscribe to the service and allow the vendors access to it. Product and service providers can compete on the merit of their systems, not the cost of their integration.

One way or the other, we think non-certified interfaces will eventually disappear over the next several years. The cost of supporting non-certified technology is going up, competition from other products is increasing, and service oriented system architecture is definitely becoming the accepted model. We just hope that DMS providers will open their systems in a way that is reasonably economical and creates a “best man wins” environment for product providers.

We don’t want to discount the issue of security. It is very important that dealers recognize the importance of their customers private information, and that it be safeguarded properly. There is a need in this industry to make sure that vendors are following all governmental and ethical rules concerning data. Proper service agreements and contractual obligations are essential. Having dealers, DMS providers and vendors work together to establish standards in this area would benefit all players without stifling business, but most importantly, it would protect the customer.

How do your current clients feel about the changes in integration?

Most of them simply feel blackmailed. They feel like they are being cornered into a position where they have to pay fees for services that have worked well for years and are now just being taken advantage of simply because the opportunity was there. Most are happy to pay for advances in technology that increase their ability to sell product. In this case, they feel like it’s simply another expense that must be passed on to the dealer who will then pass it on to the customer. Remember, we are not talking about one point of integration. We’re talking about five, 10, even 15 points of integration that can ultimately mean hundreds of dollars to the consumer.

How are you planning to re-invent your products and services to adapt for the future?

For StoneEagle, planning for the future is and always has been important. As a family owned business, we must rely on re-investing annual profits in R&D for future product and service planning. We have been preparing for the change in integration certification for a few years now. We have been re-developing old products and inventing new ones in order to capture other segments of the auto dealer market. We have certified our products with various DMS providers and are in the process of doing so with others. Re-focusing some of our efforts and resources from integration will mean terrific advances in our product offerings over the next few years.

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Wolters Kluwer Financial Services Teams with Integrated Dealer Systems

MINNEAPOLIS – Wolters Kluwer Financial Services announced that Integrated Dealer Systems, a provider of dealer management software (DMS) for the recreational vehicle (RV) and marine industries, will integrate the Wolters Kluwer Financial Services’ AppOne® platform with its Astra G2 product.

The integration will help RV and marine dealerships manage the sales and F&I process more efficiently.

AppOne helps to automate the indirect lending, credit approval and compliance processes for vehicle dealerships and lenders. Astra G2’s Sales and F&I module helps dealers seamlessly manage and monitor every step of the sales process from prospect management through the closing.

Through a new AppOne interface in Astra G2, dealers can pull all of the needed financial data already entered into the DMS system to populate credit applications and easily submit them to lenders for approval via AppOne. This eliminates duplicate data entry, helping make the processing of loan applications faster and less error-prone.

Once submitted, dealers can also access and print Wolters Kluwer Financial Services’ state-specific Bankers Systems® loan documents, including retail installment contracts and required ancillary forms, from within AppOne.

The Bankers Systems line of documents is built upon more than 50 years of experience and is protected by Wolters Kluwer Financial Services’ limited compliance warranty.

“This relationship will allow our dealers to save time and simplify both the credit application and contract creation process,” said Grant Farrer, dealer development manager at Integrated Dealer Systems. “At the same time, we can help them connect with lending sources that are using AppOne.”

“By helping more dealerships access AppOne, our lender customers can gain peace of mind knowing that the challenges surrounding document preparation are being addressed before each loan application crosses their desk,” said Jason Marx, vice president and general manager of Indirect Lending and Mortgage at Wolters Kluwer Financial Services.

“We are excited to work with Integrated Dealer Systems and further our commitment to the recreational lending market.”

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