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ADT Names 2016 Dealers’ Choice Award Winners

TORRANCE, Calif. — The publishers of Auto Dealer Today announced the winners of the 12th annual Dealers’ Choice Awards. The awards are based on a comprehensive survey that allowed dealers and dealership personnel to recognize their favorite vendors, suppliers and finance companies in 34 categories.

Voters must write in the name of each provider and score them in a number of areas related to performance, customer service, and the likelihood the voter would recommend each company to another dealer.

“This year’s winners include Dealers’ Choice Awards regulars as well as a number of new companies that have emerged as major players in a variety of categories,” said David Gesualdo, publisher of Auto Dealer Today and F&I and Showroom magazines. “But they all have one thing in common: They have earned the loyalty and praise of dealers, and they deserve our congratulations.”

The 2016 Dealer’s Choice Awards winners are:

New-Vehicle Lead

Used-Vehicle Lead

  • Diamond: Autotrader
  • Platinum: Cars.com
  • Gold: CarsDirect

Special Finance Lead

  • Diamond: CarsDirect
  • Platinum: DealerLink
  • Gold: Auto Credit Express

Digital Marketing

  • Diamond: Digital Air Strike
  • Platinum: ELEAD1ONE
  • Gold: eBizAutos

Website Provider

  • Diamond: eBizAutos
  • Platinum: VinSolutions
  • Gold: Dealer.com

Chat Provider

  • Diamond: ActivEngage
  • Platinum: Client~ConneXion
  • Gold: Contact At Once!

Mobile Media

  • Diamond: Dealer.com
  • Platinum: eBizAutos
  • Gold: Dealer Synergy

Social Media Management

  • Diamond: Ally
  • Platinum: Naked Lime
  • Gold: DealerClickz

Reputation Management

  • Diamond: Dominion Dealer Solutions
  • Platinum: CDK Global
  • Gold (tie): DealerRefresh
  • Gold (tie): DMEautomotive

Direct Mail

  • Diamond: ProMax Unlimited
  • Platinum: Action Integrated
  • Gold: Strategic Marketing

Virtual BDC

  • Diamond: ELEAD1ONE
  • Platinum: DealerStrong

Online Inventory Listing Management

  • Diamond: Dominion Dealer Solutions
  • Platinum: eBizAutos
  • Gold: Auction123

Inventory Management

  • Diamond: Dealertrack
  • Platinum: vAuto
  • Gold: FirstLook Systems

Hiring and Recruitment

  • Diamond: GSFSGroup
  • Platinum: Hireology

Sales Training

  • Diamond: Ziegler SuperSystems
  • Platinum: Ally
  • Gold: Joe Verde Group

Internet Training

  • Diamond: Dealer.com
  • Platinum: Dealer Synergy
  • Gold: Ally

Compliance Training

  • Diamond: American Financial & Automotive Services (AFAS)
  • Platinum: United Development Systems Inc. (UDS)
  • Gold: Mosaic Compliance Services

F&I Training

  • Diamond: United Development Systems Inc. (UDS)
  • Platinum: American Financial & Automotive Services (AFAS)
  • Gold: Reahard & Associates

Special Finance Training

  • Diamond: DealerStrong
  • Platinum: NCM Associates
  • Gold: Ally

Fixed Ops Training

  • Diamond: DealerPro Service Solutions
  • Platinum: CDK Global
  • Gold: The Cardone Group

F&I Products

  • Diamond: IAS
  • Platinum: RoadVantage
  • Gold: National Auto Care

Service Contract

  • Diamond: CNA National
  • Platinum: Protective Asset Protection
  • Gold: AUL Corp.

Service Contract Reinsurance

  • Diamond: Portfolio
  • Platinum: GSFSGroup
  • Gold: CNA National

F&I Desking Software

  • Diamond: ProMax Unlimited
  • Platinum: Reynolds and Reynolds
  • Gold: Dealertrack

F&I Technology

  • Diamond: F&I Express
  • Platinum: MaximTrak
  • Gold: StoneEagle


  • Diamond: ProMax Unlimited
  • Platinum: ELEAD1ONE
  • Gold: Reynolds and Reynolds


  • Diamond: Dealertrack
  • Platinum: Reynolds and Reynolds
  • Gold: Auto/Mate

Data Mining

  • Diamond: ELEAD1ONE
  • Platinum: Dominion Dealer Solutions
  • Gold: AutoAlert

Online Auction for Purchasing Inventory

  • Diamond: Manheim
  • Platinum: SmartAuction
  • Gold: ADESA

Traditional Auction

  • Diamond: Manheim
  • Platinum: ADESA

Prime Captive Finance Company

  • Diamond: GM Financial
  • Platinum: Honda Financial Services
  • Gold: Toyota Financial Services

Prime Non-Captive Finance Company

  • Diamond: Ally
  • Platinum: Chase
  • Gold: Wells Fargo

Subprime Finance Company

  • Diamond: Wells Fargo
  • Platinum: Regional Acceptance
  • Gold: Capital One

Biweekly Payments

  • Diamond: U.S. Equity Advantage
  • Platinum: SMART Payment Plan
  • Gold: Economic Advantages Corp. (EAC)

More detail about this year’s awards will appear in a Special Awards Section in the July issue of Auto Dealer Today. The winners will be honored in a special ceremony in August at Industry Summit in Las Vegas.

For sponsorship opportunities, contact David Gesualdo via email hidden; JavaScript is required or at (727) 947-4027.

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DMEautomotive: 1 in 6 Car Buyers Skips Test-Drive; Nearly Half Visit Just One (Or No) Dealership Prior to Purchase

Daytona Beach, Fla. – It may be the second most expensive purchase of most people’s lives, but new research from DMEautomotive (DMEa) reveals that a growing number of Americans are bypassing test-drives – and making strikingly few visits to dealerships – in their car-buying process.

The latest survey of roughly 2,000 automotive consumers found that, before purchasing, 16% took no test-drive and 33% test-drove only one car. And more than two-thirds (68%) reported that they visited only two dealerships or fewer before buying – with 40% visiting only one dealer.

The survey also measured consumer trust of dealer salespeople, and the results were sobering: only 21% claimed they perceive them as “trustworthy,” a lower trust rating than reported for lawyers, mortgage brokers and insurance salespeople.

“This avoidance of physical dealerships is in stark contrast with how much online vehicle research is happening: 4 in 5 people now use the Internet for car buying, visiting 10 auto Web sites in the process,” said Mary Sheridan, manager of research and analytics, DMEa. “More people are stealthily comparison-shopping dealerships and inventory online, and then swooping in to buy when their minds are already made up. Dealerships can no longer rely on in-store visits and the old ‘be-backs’ to drive sales: they need to have the most powerful online presence wherever dealer/vehicle selection is happening, and work far harder to keep customers close throughout the ownership cycle, using every retention marketing tool possible, like a constant-connection mobile app.”

Few Test Drives: The average new vehicle may cost a record $32K+2, but roughly half (49%) of buyers report only test-driving one (or no) vehicle before purchasing their latest vehicle. On average, car buyers test-drive only 1.9 cars pre-purchase, with just over a quarter (26%) test-driving 3 vehicles or more.

Even For Used Cars: Conventional wisdom is that used-car buyers at dealerships take significantly more test-drives (as each vehicle is unique), but the DMEa study reveals that is not the case: 30% of used buyers test-drove only one vehicle (vs. 35% of new buyers) – and a greater percentage of used buyers (18%) than new (14%) reported taking no test-drives.

Young More Likely to Test-Drive – Women to Avoid: Car buyers under 35, who may be more enthralled with the newness of the car-purchasing experience, are slightly more likely to take test-drives and try out more vehicles. For instance, 57% of those under 35 test-drove more than one vehicle (vs. 48% of those over 35) – and 33% test-drove more than three (vs. 23% of those over 35). But women, who influence 85% of all car purchases, were bigger test-drive avoiders: 19% skipped it altogether, vs. 12% of men.

Few Dealerships Visited Pre-Purchase: The survey found that 68% of car buyers visit two dealerships or less – and only 15% visit four or more – before buying. Overall, car buyers only visit 2.2 dealerships. So, this new DMEa data confirms recent industry research like that from McKinsey that found that car buyers visit 1.6 dealerships before buying – plummeting from 5 just a decade ago.

Used buyers make slightly more dealership visits (to search inventory) than new buyers: for instance, 38% of used buyers visit 3+ dealerships, vs. 28% of new. Overall, new buyers hit 2.1 dealerships on average, vs. 2.3 for used buyers.

Young Less Dealer-Averse; Women More Dealer-Averse: While all ages/genders report a low number of dealership visits, a bright spot for dealerships is that car buyers under 35 make slightly more visits than their older equivalents. Sixty-three percent of those under 35 visited two or more dealerships, vs. 53% of those over 35 – an indication that dealers should focus on delivering a modern retail experience, integrating the digital and mobile forms of shopping and purchase that millennials have come to expect.

Women, again, show more pronounced dealer avoidance: 46% of women visited zero or one dealerships to look at inventory, vs. 41% of men.

Car salesperson trust problem: Car buyers rated dealer salespeople on a “trust scale,” and a dealer image problem persists: a significant majority (56%) rated car salespeople untrustworthy – another 22% reported they “neither trusted/distrusted them” – and only 1 in 5 placed them in the trustworthy column.

Perhaps surprisingly, nearly twice as many car buyers under 35 trust dealer salespeople (30%) than those over 35 (17%). But again, dealerships have a notable “woman problem”: only 19% of women trust their salespeople, vs. 24% of men.

How Trust in Car Salespeople Stacks Up: The survey found that only 5% of consumers trust car salespeople more than doctors – 20% trust them more than lawyers – and 21% trust them more than either insurance salesmen or mortgage brokers. One small consolation: more people trust dealer salespeople than either politicians (57%) or telemarketers (59%).

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Fidelis PPM to Offer DMEautomotive’s Driver Connect to Dealer Clients

Daytona Beach, Fla. – Fidelis PPM, a provider of prepaid maintenance (PPM) solutions, selected DMEautomotive’s (DMEa) Driver Connect as its exclusive mobile app offering for its dealer clients. Fidelis PPM will be integrated into Driver Connect, allowing subscribing dealers to put its retention and revenue-driving power right into the palms of their customers’ hands.

“At our core, everything that Fidelis PPM does is about building and increasing dealership customer retention. That’s what made our integration of Driver Connect and our partnership with DMEa a natural fit. This represents the latest in the series of powerful tools that Fidelis PPM has put in place for our Dealers and F&I Administrators,” said Ryan Williams, executive vice president, Fidelis PPM.

DMEa research shows that engagement with, and usage of, prepaid maintenance plans drives future sales and service loyalty: 56% of consumers who have a prepaid or ‘complimentary’ service plan are likely to continue servicing at the dealership after expiration.

“By joining Driver Connect, which is popular with dealerships and consumers across the country, with Fidelis PPM, the leader in providing the most-requested dealer product in the country, Fidelis PPM dealers will have access to the most effective – and proven – mobile strategy available,” said Mike Martinez, chief marketing officer, DMEa. “Prepaid maintenance is one of the best retention tools a dealer has – but only if a customer uses it. This partnership will put all the info consumers need about their Fidelis PPM program, as well as the marketing messages to prompt them to use it, right on their mobile device. This should greatly increase frequency of use – and with it dealership loyalty.”

Mobile marketing is becoming a critical tool for dealerships with app usage a powerful driver. In 2015, more people will access the Internet from a mobile device than from a desktop computer, and DMEa research shows that 53% of consumers are likely to schedule a service appointment using their mobile device and 33% of consumers want to manage their maintenance schedule and records of their vehicle on a mobile device.

Driver Connect has helped lead the mobile next wave in the auto industry, having been adopted by some of the largest dealer groups across the nation. The DMEa app has won multiple awards, including the American Business Award and the 2013 BizTech Innovation Award.

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DealerSocket Names DMEautomotive Exclusive Call Center Provider

Daytona Beach, Fla. —DMEautomotive announced a partnership with CRM provider DealerSocket that will give DealerSocket users direct integration with DMEautomotive’s call center service, MasterCall, and its mobile app, DriverConnect.

“Our users will hugely benefit from a secure and seamless connection with DMEautomotive’s call center and scheduling services,” said Jonathan Ord, founder and CEO, DealerSocket. “And as mobile marketing becomes so crucial for today’s dealerships, having direct access to DriverConnect, the leading dealership mobile app, gives our users a real edge in the marketplace.”

In addition to the integration with MasterCall, DealerSocket will also enable service scheduling and connectivity through Driver Connect. This direct integration means user data, including service and sales appointments, will seamlessly feed directly into DealerSocket CRM.

“We are thrilled that DealerSocket has chosen DMEa as its primary provider of call center services,” said Mike Walther, CEO, DMEautomotive. “DealerSocket is our preferred CRM provider and we look forward to introducing more of our dealer customers to this indispensable tool.”

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DMEautomotive Introduces First Mobile Wallet Marketing Program for Auto Dealers

Daytona Beach, Fla. – DMEautomotive (DMEa) launched Mobile Rewards, a mobile marketing platform which allows dealerships to drive traffic to showrooms and service drives by leveraging the power of smartphone mobile wallets. The program enables dealer customers to receive special coupons and offers 24/7, organized into their smartphone mobile wallet for quick and easy access. And, because the program includes geo-fencing software, dealers can reach consumers with coupons or offers at a place and time when/where they can take action right away, whether near the dealership, at a marketing event like a tent sale, or even at a competitor’s location.

Mobile Rewards is the first of its kind product for the automotive industry and works in tandem with Driver Connect 2.5, DMEa’s dealer-branded, consumer-facing mobile app, or as a stand-alone mobile marketing platform.

“DMEa Mobile Rewards delivers a solution that consumers want and understand. With the use of smartphones soaring and the global mobile wallet market set to reach $5.2 trillion in 20201, the automotive industry needs to sit up and take notice that their customers are rapidly evolving into ‘mobile everywhere’ consumers,” said Mike Walther, president and CEO, DMEautomotive. “DMEa Mobile Rewards gives dealerships the ability to jump directly into mobile wallet marketing with minimal time, money or infrastructure investment.”

Mobile Rewards drives traffic directly into the showroom or service area by delivering digital coupons and rewards directly to an Apple or Android smartphone user. Unlike more traditional processes, such as mailing “punch cards” and printed coupons, Mobile Rewards lets dealers and service marketers deliver everything directly to the consumer’s smartphone mobile wallet – encouraging them to visit the showroom or service department in real time. In addition, dealers are able to comprehensively track and run reports on results in real time, giving them immediate access to data that tells which offers work best and how different segments are reacting to their marketing strategies.

One of the most compelling aspects of the app is its introduction of ‘geo-fencing’ mobile guerilla marketing tactics to the dealer showroom and service department. Mobile Rewards can be set to fire off alerts and reminders when a customer enters a certain geographical area – whether that’s within their own dealership or, perhaps more interestingly, when a customer enters a competitor’s location. “This opens up a completely new marketing opportunity by giving dealers a tool to reach out to customers while they are literally in the process of shopping for or servicing their vehicle,” said Walther.

“Consumer research2 shows that people are now spending twice as much time with smartphone apps as they are with mobile Web sites. As the usage of apps for everything from managing your finances to booking airline reservations continues to soar, smartphone users have new expectations in customer service, and apps like DMEa Mobile Rewards and Driver Connect are being embraced,” said Walther. “Dealers who recognize and act upon this new marketing channel are the ones that will capture the app-savvy consumer.”

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DMEa Study Finds That Consumers Want More Mobile Communication

Daytona Beach, Fla. – – – DMEautomotive (DMEa) released its second report on how (and how frequently) auto service customers want to be contacted by dealers/providers, and the resources they’’re turning to in their vehicle maintenance research. The findings show that while all customers are receptive to a diversity of communications platforms, under-35 customers are strikingly receptive – wanting not only more frequent communications, but also wanting communications across all six possible platforms, with 59% welcoming mobile app communication.

“Multi-platform marketing has long been a buzzword, but this data reveals that for dealerships and service businesses, cross-channel communications are now a must,” said Doug Van Sach, vice president of strategy & analytics at DMEa. “”

Findings are based on a national survey of 2,000+ U.S. vehicle owners conducted by DMEa’s Strategy & Analytics division. Findings included that more than a third of consumers are open to receiving communications from their automotive service providers via every platform. Not surprisingly, e-mail and mail are the top channels preferred, with more than 4 in 5 welcoming these methods of contact, and a solid majority wants communications via these channels at minimum every 2-3 months. It’’s critical to note that while consumers may be open to recorded calls and texts, businesses must be cautious when implementing these channels, given the rise in litigation and changes in the regulatory landscape.

While the percentages of those under 35 and over 35 desiring mail, e-mail and calls are on par, those under 35 are roughly 2.5 times more open to mobile app notifications and almost twice as likely to desire text messages. In addition, across each platform, the under-35 customer desires more frequent communications (more than once every 2-3 months).

Although mobile apps are an emerging technology without the near-universal adoption of e-mail or texting, 59% of those under 35 (and 35% of all customers) welcome mobile app communications from service providers. Those under 35 are roughly three times more likely to use mobile apps, use them daily, and have one from a dealer/service provider. And, with 6 in 10 of those under 35 using mobile apps at least every two days,– and 3 in 5 of that segment welcoming service providers to reach them in this manner, mobile apps represent a powerful way to reach the next-generation servicer where they live: on smartphones and tablets. But only a small percentage of dealers/service providers now offer a mobile app.

The research also found that, while the owner’s manual, family/friends and service centers remain the top sources of vehicle maintenance info for both those over and under 35, those under 35 research harder, using every traditional and digital resource at higher rates than those over 35, with the exception of the owner’s manual. And the younger servicer is far more likely to use digital platforms: for instance, they’re 4-6 times more likely to turn to social networking sites, online video or blogs in their service info quest.

“Most service providers’ outreach is focused on mail and e-mail, which the data shows remain imperative channels. But too many other ‘disconnects’ remain, with customers wanting communications through channels that dealers/service providers are not addressing,” said Van Sach. “This is starkly true with the information-hungry, under-35 customer, who is more likely to research service using every available on- or offline resource, and wants communications across more channels. These ‘all-platform’ consumers are trailblazing the behavior that other customer segments will likely– and that service providers must – ultimately follow.”

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