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A Powerful Partnership

This industry has many strong partnerships which bring together the best solutions, people and ideas. David Trinder, CEO, F&I Administration Solutions LLC (F&I Admin), and Steve Apicella, president, dentGuy Network, have brought their technologies together, and the results show how powerful those types of partnerships can be.

“DASH”, the dentGuy software, allows consumers to submit and manage their appearance protection claims through an intuitive, Web-based interface that walks them through the process. SCS Auto, F&I Admin’s administration software, is a complete platform that allows users to manage the entire sale and administration lifecycle of F&I products. With this partnership, both systems are fully connected, resulting in a seamless sales, administration and claims management process for appearance protection products.

“This is a great partnership that truly adds value to everyone involved,” said Trinder. “The administrator will use SCS Auto as a complete sales and administration solution, but now with the link to DASH, the claims process and claims management have been significantly enhanced from both a process and claims management point of view. It is really powerful.”

“There are inherent issues that admins deal with,” said Apicella. “One is how to first initiate the claim, and then how to translate that information from the consumer to the technician doing the actual repairs. A lot of times, consumers are conditioned that when they have a problem, they should go to the dealer. They can still do that, but they can now also go to a Website to make the claim. So it’s really important that our system be easy to use for consumers, but powerful enough for service technicians and administrators to provide and interpret the information correctly. That’s where our system is of value — it is designed to connect the entire workflow.”

The dentGuy software is a Web-based system that uses a graphical user interface. On entering the site, the consumer or service technician will enter a contract or VIN number. The system will look into SCS Auto to pull up the contract with all the vehicle and coverage information. The system automatically pulls the exact make and model of the vehicle the customer owns, so rather than a generic model, they see their exact car, making it far more accurate and increasing the value of the system. The user then selects the panel on the car on which the damage occurred.

Once the area of damage is selected, users are then asked to select an image that best represents the type of damage. Apicella noted that every photo is mapped to specific coverage terms. This is another place where integration with F&I Admin adds value and eases the process — the codes are matched to those already in use by the administrator within SCS Auto, making it a seamless and touch-free process to match the claim to the coverage. And because the full specifications are being pulled from the actual contract the consumer purchased, it can automatically inform the user if their damage is covered or not, as well as provide either instructions on how to proceed, or an explanation of why the claim is being denied. And all of that information is then saved into the system, so the administrator has all of the details without once needing to input additional information.

“It is really important to decipher the coverage correctly, from an administrator standpoint,” said Apicella. “Admins need to know where the damage occurred, accurately, and what the damage includes. If a customer says they have a dent, and the administrator asks them to describe it, that can be hard for a customer to do — they don’t know the terminology. But getting an accurate description is important for loss control. The damage could be anything from a large dent to a small paint scratch. Previously, because the severity and location of the damage determined whether it was covered, the administrator still had to go and verify each claim, and the consumer had to wait to learn whether or not they were going to get repairs. With SCS Auto, the system now does a live Web call — at the initiation of the claim, it connects to F&I Admin’s system, where the plan and the coverage are verified. The entire process takes seconds, and then it tells the user if the damage is covered, all without needing the administrator to manually approve anything. And now the administrator has that information linked to the customer’s file automatically — who made a claim, what the claim entailed, and whether it was approved or denied. It can even be set up to automatically connect the consumer to a technician for repairs. And then it instantly puts all of that information into a dashboard, where administrators can monitor the workflow.”

“It’s really prefect,” continued Apicella. “All this information is captured and translated back into SCS Auto, so the administrator doesn’t have to do double work, and they have access to all the other tools in the software, like risk management — it’s all electronically linked now.”

“Everyone involved benefits from this integration,” noted Trinder. ”The entire process is far easier for consumers to manage, and because of that, they are more satisfied with the experience. If the customer is satisfied, they will carry that good will over to the dealer they purchased the contract from, which makes the dealer happy. And the administrator has access to the most efficient process possible to manage their claims and service their customers, all supported through our leading administration solution.”

Apicella was quick to point out that while much of our discussion was around dent and ding, the system supports all appearance products including dent, cosmetic alloy wheel, windshield, headlight, exterior paint, interior stain, interior rip/puncture/burn and/or road hazard tire/wheel.

Loss Control
The integration of the two platforms makes the claims process more efficient, but it brings other benefits as well. Administrators now have access to dentGuy’s tools for items such as loss control and fraud prevention, right from the SCS Auto platform. Fraud, in particular, is an area where dentGuy has stepped up to the plate. “To be successful, administrators can’t be paying unnecessary or fraudulent claims,” said Apicella. “We mitigate that with photos. Users can upload a photo of the actual damage, which is linked to the claim itself. Our photo recognition system can even determine if the photo has been used in a claim before. That’s something that happens frequently enough to be an issue — a user tries to submit a photo that was used on a successful claim, rather than one of their actual damage. We give administrators another management tool to protect their profits.”

While the process used to determine if a photo is fraudulent is proprietary, Apicella did say that it does not matter if the photo has been cropped, inverted, etc. — he described it as taking a fingerprint of every photo that enters their system, which then stays in a database used specifically for identifying false photos. Of course, if the administrator requires a photo or not is up to them — Apicella noted that some require a photo to be submitted for every approved claim, while others only ask for photos in specific situations. But the option is available for whatever the administrator prefers.

At the end of the day, this partnership is making the entire process easier for everyone involved. Customers can initiate and manage their claims from start to finish in an intuitive, easy-to-understand interface, while administrators have a powerful tool to manage claims end-to-end, without any need to re-key data.

“Customers expect a certain level of service, and we are connecting the dots. It is easy to file a claim, easy to manage a claim and it can all be tracked,” said Apicella. “It gives the administrator a tremendous amount of horsepower, which is now greatly amplified by the partnership with F&I Admin; now all of that data is automatically translated directly into their admin system behind the scenes.”

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F&I Admin Announces Strategic Partnership With DentGuy Network’s “DASH” System

Chicago – F&I Administration Solutions LLC (F&I Admin), North America’s leading provider of software solutions for the administration of automotive F&I products, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership and systems integration with dentGuy Network’s “DASH” System. This partnership has resulted in the full integration of dentGuy Network’s powerful appearance claims processing solution with F&I Admin’s SCS Auto administration solution.

Customers who have bought appearance protection products (dent, cosmetic alloy wheel, windshield, headlight, exterior paint, interior stain, interior rip/puncture/burn and/or road hazard tire/wheel) can now go online to make a claim. The user-friendly interface allows the customer to access a dynamic image of their vehicle to choose the appropriate exterior panel or interior surface that needs repair, and then select an image – from a palette of photos – which most closely represents the damage. This intuitive process accurately captures the claim information and intelligently deciphers what is covered within the terms of the administrator’s agreement or warranty. The DASH System creates an unprecedented consumer experience, significantly improves loss control and together with the connectivity to SCS Auto, significantly decreases administrator claim handling.

“We are very pleased to have built this integration with SCS Auto,” said Steven Apicella, president, dentGuy Network. “Our partnership and integration makes the process of managing a claim seamless from the moment a customer goes onto the website through to the payment for the repair.”

“This strategic partnership adds value across the board,” said David Trinder, CEO, F&I Admin. “Customers love the process because it is simple and precise. Administrators want it because it improves claim efficiency, increases loss control and because (among other things) the integration of our systems means that only eligible claims are approved. This results in increased satisfaction for the customer and savings for the administrator.”

DASH refers to the dashboard concept an administrator would use to follow the complete workflow process. The system takes a 360-degree approach to claims management. It improves customer service by making the path to service accessible and intuitive 24/7/365 and consistently delivers heightened loss control. It is easily private-labeled to match an administrators’, dealer groups’ or OEMs’ appearance program. It features a service drive portal and a mobile technician application for complete paperless processing. Finally, administrators can “show” agents, dealers and OEMs their service strength with the DASH system, utilizing a simple but powerful online demonstration.

SCS Auto is a web based system built specifically for the administration of F&I products in the auto industry. The solution supports 14 different F&I products, including appearance protection, vehicle service contracts, GAP, theft, limited warranties and many more. In addition to delivering a complete, streamlined administration solution, SCS Auto connects F&I product providers to many other systems to enhance sales and manage processing costs, including menu systems, inspection companies, payment plan providers, a credit card payment solution provider, the dentGuy Network and many more.

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Dent & Ding Roundup for P&A Providers

Dent and Ding isn’t a new category for F&I by any means, but in recent years it has seen a surge of growth, according to our experts — Steven Apicella, president of dentGuy Network Inc.; Aaron Cooper, national director of F&I, Dent Wizard; and Troy Good, vice chairman, Dent Zone.

All three pointed out that the segment’s growth has brought a renewed emphasis on service. Providers who private label their services expect the end users — both dealers and consumers — to associate the product with quality repairs and service, so they will be more likely to want to use it again.

That being said, each of them approaches that mission in a different way. dentGuy Network and Dent Zone each use licensed technicians, although they go about finding them in different ways, while Dent Wizard prides itself that all of their technicians are full time Dent Wizard employees. Along with varying methods paintless dent repair that each of them has developed, the different approaches to service give providers a real choice when making the decision on who to partner with.

Appearance protection has continued to expand into other areas, like windshield replacement, or wheel repair, but dent and ding continues to be one of the category drivers. As a stand-alone product or as part of a bundle, end-consumers see the value of dent and ding, and providers who want to offer a wide range of services are finding that private labeling is a great way to get a quality product to add to the mix.

Click on each of the company names below to access the Q&A from each of the three companies, so you can see, in their own words, what sets them apart from the rest.

Dent & Ding Roundup

dentGuy Network Inc.

dentGuy Network Inc.
Steven Apicella, President

Please give me a little bit of your company history, and how you became involved in the Dent & Ding product category.

dentGuy Network or “DGN” has successfully supported and enhanced appearance protection programs, including the Dent category, for over a decade. DGN focuses on providing an unparalleled service solution for Third Party Administrators (TPAs) by leveraging a premier network of technicians and proprietary claims management technology.

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Dent Wizard

Dent Wizard
Aaron Cooper, National Director of F&I

Please give me a little bit of your company history, and how you became involved in the Dent & Ding product category.

Dent Wizard was founded in 1983 by people who were innovators in the tools and processes behind paintless dent removal, today known as PDR. Today, with more than 1,500 employees working in the U.S. and Canada, we provide on-site cosmetic reconditioning services and products to the automotive industry through our relationships with dealerships, auto auctions, rental companies, body shops, insurance companies and manufacturers. We’re an affiliate of H.I.G. Capital, a leading global private equity investment firm.

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Dent Zone

Dent Zone
Troy Good, Vice Chairman

Please give me a little bit of your company history, and how you became involved in the Dent & Ding product category.

Dent Zone Companies Inc. is the auto industry’s original and largest provider of dent and door ding protection for new and pre-owned vehicle leases and purchases. The company is a privately owned corporation with its headquarters in the Las Colinas business district in Irving, Texas. Dent Zone offers Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) and all auto reconditioning services throughout the United States and Canada.

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dentGuy Network Inc.

Steven Apicella, President

Please give me a little bit of your company history, and how you became involved in the Dent & Ding product category.

dentGuy Network or “DGN” has successfully supported and enhanced appearance protection programs, including the Dent category, for over a decade. DGN focuses on providing an unparalleled service solution for Third Party Administrators (TPAs) by leveraging a premier network of technicians and proprietary claims management technology.

Similar to alloy wheel repair and windshield repair, PDR is a very popular method of maintaining a vehicle’s appearance. Customers buy new vehicles because they like new. The customer’s desire to maintain their new vehicle appearance creates a significant revenue opportunity for TPAs. Offering appearance protection benefits to a consumer — via a service contract or limited warranty — primarily relies on the promise of a great service experience to the customer. The execution of that promise is DGN’s commitment.

How do you differentiate your product from those of your competitors? What makes you different?

DGN has focused on three primary objectives to help properly grow the appearance protection program segment of our industry.

First, is the commitment to the service itself by handpicking the best technicians, using an ongoing secret shopper method. This commitment to technician recon and support ensures that DGN provides its TPA partners “THE” tech for great service, not just a tech.

Second, DGN created a proprietary claims management technology to easily manage the contractual promise of service to the customer, the claims management by the TPA, an easy-to-use service drive process and communication to the handpicked technician. DGN’s technology easily integrates with a TPA’s existing admin technology, providing a plug-n-play enhanced claims management tool.

DGN technology allows a customer to fully process-a-claim via a private labeled website 24/7/365. It provides a touch-based, 3D image of the customer’s vehicle type and a palette of various damage photos for a customer to easily process a claim. This method accurately secures the claim details, without the customer having to know the anatomy of a car or how to describe the damage (both of which can be difficult). Customers generally don’t know the difference between a fender or a quarter panel, and its difficult to describe a dent. However aided by DGN technology, the customer simply points and clicks to identify the proper vehicle panel and damage type. This makes filing a claim simple for a customer, but protects TPAs reserves by accurately identifying non-covered claims.

Finally, DGNs claims management technology is easily private labeled. Private labeling of the service experience, redefines a private labeled program beyond just the marketing materials.

What is your primary sales channel? How do you market to that channel?

DGN is a service and technology support solution for a TPA that wants to offer a premier appearance protection program with benefits including dent, alloy wheel, road hazard wheel/tire, windshield, headlight, protective film and environmental damage. Our plug-n-play methods can energize an existing TPA appearance protection program or help build a new premier program. Visit dentguy.com for details.

Have technological advances impacted your product in the last few years? If so, how? If not, do you see technology playing a factor in your product offerings in the future?

Technology drives the efficiency and accuracy of proper appearance claims management. DGN’s intuitive technology provides the perfect balance of fast claim processing while protecting TPAs from unnecessary losses.

Where do you see the most growth potential for Dent & Ding products?

Dent protection programs thrive within a multiple appearance benefit program and will continue to add significant value in those offerings.

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