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Sponsor-Level Maintenance Administration

Performance Administration Corp. (PAC) is the largest provider of private label Dealer-Owned Maintenance Programs in the automotive aftermarket industry and provides Sponsor-Level Maintenance Program Administration for allied industry partners.

By partnering with PAC, our industry partners have the advantage to quickly go to market to provide their clients with personalized automotive customer retention strategies.

We provide our clients and partners with industry-leading administrative marketing and support, including:

  • 100% ownership rights, customization and backend profitability
  • Dealer-branded marketing with hassle-free printing and shipping
  • State-of-the-art Customer Retention Technology
  • Easy Online Claims and Fraud Protection
  • Automated Service Reminder System
  • Lost Opportunity Transformer™ to recuperate lost opportunity dollars
  • Transparent accounting
  • Real-time retention reporting, including Executive Reports, DMS/RO Comparisons, Vehicle Repurchase Reports and more.

A True Retention Strategy


What makes us different?

Rick Knight pioneered The Every Car Maintenance-Included Strategy in 1996, and now, more than 20 years later, it continues to remain our sole focus and differentiator in the market today.

As a private-label maintenance provider, we don’t sell prepaid maintenance plans, we provide complimentary maintenance incentives that are included on every car (available for new and/or pre-owned), to focus on the return of every customer and every vehicle sold.

Our mission is to help franchised auto dealers take control of the second turnover into service so that they can reduce the cost of conquest marketing and focus on turning their existing customers into repeat buyers.

Plan, Connect, Grow


Long-Term Retention to Fund Your Future

Each Dealer-Owned Maintenance Program is built upon our unique retention strategy of Plan, Connect, Grow™ which is designed to lead customers from the dealerships’ sales lot to their service lane to improve bottom-line profitability.

  • Plan: Dealerships customize a plan to attract customers to their dealership for vehicle purchase and provide incentives for customers to return to the issuing dealership for service. Automotive marketing materials are included and branded to promote their dealership and unique maintenance program offering.
  • Connect: Once the program is built, dealerships receive Customer Retention Technology tools, strategic retention processes and in-house training to ensure employees are well-equipped to provide positive customer experiences and utilize online tools to stay connected after vehicle delivery.
  • Grow: By providing incentive for every customer to return for service, dealerships will see an increase in service retention that drives a consistent flow of service traffic, and will grow a larger customer base that results in higher upsell opportunities. Dealerships are guaranteed to better than double or triple their existing CP/RO visits in the first 12 months of ownership.

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