PCMI Corporation offers the most innovative software solutions for Extended Warranty management and F&I administration. Our modular platform, Policy Claim and Reporting Solutions™ (PCRS), supports and automates the full lifecycle of all automotive aftermarket products, such as:

PCMI’s advanced knowledge of the industry allows us to provide the fastest and most flexible environment for administrators, insurers, OEM’s, agents, and dealers to launch new products. Our global presence in the U.S., Europe, and Asia enables continuous around-the-clock innovation, customer-focused support, and quick speed to market.



Bringing together decades of expertise



Software for Administrators, Insurers, Agents and Dealers


PCRS Modules:

Open Sales Platform
Allows users to provide real-time rates and contracts to dealer menus via eRating and eContracting. Users are able to issue policies with electronic signature and present products to consumers through their own point of sales channels and/or their partners. Having 70+ partners in our network gives dealers the ability to connect to the eMenu or DMS system of their choice.

F&I Reporting
Gives the Dealer Principal and Field Representatives access to integrated reports for F&I sales, forecasting, and overall dealership performance in real-time with powerful analytics.

Policy Administration
Supports billing, commissions, cancellations, and different statuses of the policy throughout its lifetime, allowing for seamless coverage rating, contracting, and contract remittance. Being fully integrated with your accounting system lets you create, manage, and modify your agents, dealers, coverages, and contracts. This also grants your agents direct access via our Agent Portal.

Claim Administration
Allows the dealer to expedite the claim process through automation and view detailed reporting to experience a quicker ROI. The easy-to-use screens follow the conversation between servicer and adjuster to allow for faster processing and decision times. Integration with inspection companies and virtual payments partners gives users the ability to make credit card payments for claims within the system. Also provides automated claim adjudication with CHIP technology.

Risk Management
Enables users to track earnings, profits, and reinsurance requirements through reporting and flexible earnings curve configurations. Also allows you to estimate premium earnings across products with revenue recognition. This helps to gain a greater understanding of cost points to help design new products.

Performance Reporting
Provides a cross section of analytical reports designed to support management’s goals for risk reduction. These parameter driven reports cover key risk areas that impact profitability such as: Class, Dealers, Dealer Groups, Make, Model, Coverage Plans, Terms, Vehicle Features, etc. This gives users the ability to evaluate the entire portfolio or sharpen the focus down to an individual item.

Reporting tools that reflect Reinsurance company production totals and counts. The reports can be run either on a quarterly or monthly basis with the ability to drill down to the contract level. This module tracks license information, bank account information, companies in a warehouse phase, beginning ceding dates, and changes using an audit trail functionality. Reinsurance can be setup per product type and can be used for both CFC and NCFC corporations. We also offer users to import back activity, so statements will include bank information.



Don’t just take our word for it

“We unanimously as a management team selected the PCMI solution. Part of the decision-making process was the quick and rapid deployment, flexible product design, and transparent reporting that our dealers really rely on.”
Guy Koenig, President
CareGARD Warranty Services, Inc.
"The time, effort, and dedication of the PCMI Team to the implementation of our new Administration Platform has been outstanding. I could not be happier with the commitment to our success consistently demonstrated at all levels of the organization."
Rick Tudor, Director of Operations
CARS Protection Plus, Inc.
"I have done business with PCMI for a few years now and I have always known their team to show the utmost in honesty and integrity. These individuals are people of exemplary character and strength with unmatchable customer support. As the owner of several businesses and of various database solutions, PCRS has been an integral part of our business. They know the database business inside and out, are impact players, and their work is TOP NOTCH! Your consideration of PCRS and working with the PCMI team is strongly encouraged."
Marc Mader, Chairman and CEO
Advanced Protection Products International, Inc.




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